Bitter memories at Coming-of-Age Day

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When I turned the TV on getting up yesterday morning, I saw a news item about a coming-of-age ceremony. There were Women dressed in beautiful kimonos. I recalled bitter memories of a coming-of-age ceremony.

When I was a college student, I was elected as a representative of the citizens in my city. My role was to present new adults a bouquet during the ceremony. In those days I belonged to a city volunteer group and often participated in the various events that the city office sponsored.
Therefore, I was proud at the thought that I had been chosen as a representative.

On the day of the ceremony, the city hall was filled to capacity. I was all dressed up and waiting backstage to be called by the chairperson. After a while, the chairperson said, "Ladies and gentlemen. Now, I introduce the person who represents our citizens. Mr. …"

But, the chairperson called a different name from my name. I realized that he had made a mistake in the pronunciation of both my first and last names. I felt as if I was already a completely different person.
Because there was no other way, I went out on stage and presented the bouquet to a new adult woman.

People often make a mistake with my name because it is unusual, but why did he not confirm my name beforehand, since he was a professional chairperson?

And so, the coming-of-age ceremony became a bitter memory for me.
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