Daughter's musical debut part 2

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Nine-year-old eldest daughter appeared on the stage of the musical for the first time, in the Main Theatre of Biwako Hall, on July 25.
She performed as one of the Londoners after passing the audition for "A Little Princess (Sara Crewe)", and having intensive lesson for few days. She is taking dancing lessons, but we worried whether she was evaluated as a performer of the musical, because she was shy and a low voice.
On the stage, she showed an energetic performance while singing in a loud voice with other actors. She seemed to relax and very lively feeling the happiness of the expression among wonderful coach and companions. We wish to express our gratitude for her marvelous meeting. We are very glad and proud of her growth.

"A Little Princess" is a story in 19th-century London, and is known well also in Japan.
Britain of the 1890's this story was written in, was an age that overflowed in mature politics, the culture, and wonderful thought and books. "Self-Help", "As a Man Thinketh", etc. These books are fine books that do not fade still.
The story of "A Little Princess" teaches us the importance of living nobly and the sympathy of others. Universal teaching written in the personal growth books like "Self-Help", "As a Man Thinketh" and "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" are described in this work.

'Heaven helps those who help themselves'
'Create Your Own Future'

She is very happy she can performs to such a wonderful work. We wish her to grow up as an attractive and independent woman who can sympathize with others' standpoints and feelings, like Princess Sara, through this valuable experience.
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